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Classes are one-on-one private once a week.


It has long been known that studying music at an early age helps in brain development.

Learning to play the piano is much more than a hobby – when a child learns how to focus energy and attention to achieving musical goals they acquire a self-mastery that can be applied to all aspects of their life.


Beginning or returning to the study of music is an excellent idea for adults of any age. Many times people begin the study of music in their youth and, for a variety of reasons, discontinue, perhaps when they went to college, or after they graduated. Many of adult students are surprised to see how quickly they can start making progress, even with no prior musical training. Truly, all that matters is that you have a genuine interest in music, and that you have some time to dedicate to practicing.






*Classes are private, once a week. Tuition is in a monthly basis paid at the first class.

30 min lesson    $45 each lesson

​60 min lesson    $90 each lesson

* $24  one-time registration fee for a student.

    $36 one-time registration fee for family.


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